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I am a music educator with over a decade of experience.

However, my time spent working as a classroom assistant with students with disabiltiies opened my eyes to how a lack of teacher support and training deprives some students of a music education.

I choose to work in inclusive music education because I believe that music teachers want every student to have access to music making.

They don't always have the support or tools to do so, and I want to change that.

I am also a strong believer in popular music education, and in teaching the music our students are listening to and are interested in. Coming from a background in guitar education, I have found a strong overlap in popular music education and accessible music education.

As a consultant and professor, I believe it is crucial for me to continue working in the field of public education in order to keep my pedagogy meaningful for teachers like you!


Sarah Fard
Accessible Music Specialist

Accessible Music Education:


  •  Meets the unique needs of every student

  •  Builds on the skills and strengths of the student

  •  Reduces stigma

  •  Is more effective for a learning environment

  •  Uses adaptive approaches so that all students can develop their musicianship, regardless of disability or experience level

  • Utilizes culturally responsive teaching

Interested in increasing your efficacy and building an exciting education for all students? I am glad our paths have crossed!

Learn more about who I am and my teaching experience in public education, higher education, and one-on-one

Inclusive piano and guitar resources, curriculum, and classroom materials

I am available to help you with lesson structure, remote teaching, instrumental accommodations, and more

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