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Inclusive Guitar Resources

Elective music classes are open to all students, and present opportunity for those who have not before had the option to learn an instrument,

Guitar is a great tool because of its cultural relevance and graphic notation.

Through the lens of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the guitar curriculum can be adaptable to many student needs. All students can follow the same curriculum and reach the same goals. 

I have curated inclusive guitar resources for educators, and curriculum for new guitar players, through the lens of Universal Design for Learning.

UDL is an approach that minimizes barriers while maximizing learning for all types of students.

If you are new to UDL, this video is a great resource.

Practice pieces, virtual guitar resources, and music literacy worksheets can all be found below.

The curriculum presented here aims to develop both lead and rhythm guitar skills in each player.

Virtual Guitars

Expression is accessible to students if we provide a variety of ways that students can demonstrate what they know.

Practice Pieces

Engagement through musical genres can be found in these practice pieces to optomize interest, autonomy, and motivation.

Music Literacy Worksheets

Music literacy formats, broken down by staff and tablature, for different types of learners.

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