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Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Practice Pieces

Engaging students in a music curriculum is hugely dependent on how relevant it is to them

Do you remember your own music classes? What songs do you remember learning? Why?

Students learn better if they see their own musical preferences reflected in the curriculum.

The Adapting Guitarist curriculum incorporates musical selections from a broad range of genres, eras, and artists by utilizing guitar "riffs" as regular practice material. This is also as a way to optimize interest, autonomy, and motivation in students.

You may even find some of your own favorites in here!

Full Curriculum via Teachers Pay Teachers

This (free) curriculum is designed with public school classrooms in mind. It will:

* Guide students through each string of the guitar

* Build fretboard knowledge

*Offer opportunities for rhythm guitar development through chord accompinament practice

* Meet student needs through a variety of music literacy formats

* Offer a diverse curriculum with at least two different pieces from varying genres or cultural backgrounds

This material is in the process of being updated!

Guitar Riffs

Guitar riffs are recognizable parts of songs your students will love to play as they learn lead guitar! I've provided resources in a variety of formats. The riffs on this site are organized by:

* The amount of strings they use

* Standard guitar tab

*Color Coded guitar tab

* Color adapted tab (CAT)


* Note: Guitar Riffs are a very important supplement to the Teachers Pay Teachers curriculum. They are updated every year with the goal of representing more artists, genres, and eras of music.

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