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Classroom Resources for Teachers

As a music educator, you see a large percentage of the school population and are pressed for time!

Let’s be clear: you are not a bad teacher if you haven’t yet perfected inclusive pedagogy.  
You are a GREAT teacher for exploring these resources.




My principal instrument is guitar, so I explore this extensively in order to help other teachers.

I also continually create accessible and engaging resources based on Universal Design for Learning to help you succeed.


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"My students want to learn more guitar, but I’m not well versed in guitar and I’m uncomfortable with adapting the materials.What do I do to support my students?”

Practicing Guitar

Inclusive Guitar Resources

The guitar elective can be inclusive to many styles of music and learning. Adapted notation, virtual guitars, and lead and rhythm guitar practice materials can be found here. 

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Inclusive Piano Resources

Piano is a very straightforward and responsive instrument to learn. Here you will find practice pieces, virtual piano tools, and adapted notation resources.

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