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Consulting Services


Supporting music educators means supporting successful music education experiences for students! I can help you in a variety of ways.

My consulting services focus on:

* Structuring lessons

*Multi-modal teaching

*Instrument adaptations

*Notation adaptations

*Remote Teaching

I will work with you in any of the following ways

* Hands-on seminar

*Study groups

*One on one work

*Guest lectures for pre-service teachers

Organizations I have presented to or worked with:

*Boston University

*Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs (BIAESN)

*Massachusetts Music Educators Association

*United Sound

*Interplay Orchestra

*VSA Arts from the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

*Massachusetts Teacher Association

*New Hampshire Music Education Association

*Music Educators Association of New York City

*Longy School of Music

Working with me

Want to get a sense of my consulting services before our first meeting?

No problem. You can view my presentations from Inclusive Arts and Guitar for the VSA and Kennedy Center (left) and Berklee's ABLE Assembly (right)

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