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Music Literacy Worksheets

Sheet Music

Forms of music literacy in the classroom must address the students' cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and musical goals.

Within the materials available in my curriculum, you will find visuals in the formats of staff, tablature, and chord diagrams. Color coding is available for further support. You can find an explanation of the color code system here.

Find the option below that works best for your student and help them reach their musical goals!

Staff Worksheets

Though Western Staff Notation has become the standard for music education, the guitar lends itself to differentiation when it comes to music literacy.

Choose from the following staff worksheets:


Tab is most common for learning popular music and requires less decoding than staff notation.

Choose from the following tab reference sheets:


Chord Diagrams

Chord Diagrams can be differentiated through color coding, or represented in familiar tablature systems..

Choose from the following chord reference sheets:

Strings of the Guitar


These worksheets include whole note, half note, and quarter note exercises on each string in literacy formats of staff, color coded staff, tab, color coded tab, and color adapted tab.

Choose from the following reference sheets:

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